Claudian, Shorter Poems

LCL 136: 174-175

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Carminum Minorum Corpusculum

I. (XIII.)

Ad Stilichonem.

Solitas galea fulgere comas, Stilicho, molli necte corona. cessent litui saevumque procul Martem felix taeda releget. 5tractus ab aula rursus in aulam redeat sanguis. patris officiis iunge potenti pignora dextra. gener Augusti pridem fueras, nunc rursus eris socer Augusti. 10quae iam rabies livoris erit? vel quis dabitur color invidiae? Stilicho socer est, pater est Stilicho.


Descriptio portus Smyrnensis.

Urbs in conspectu montana cacumina velat tranquillo praetenta mari. ducentia portum cornua pacatas removent Aquilonibus undas. hic exarmatum terris cingentibus aequor 5clauditur et placidam discit servare quietem.



Shorter Poems


To Stilicho.

Crown with a wreath of flowers, Stilicho, that head more often graced with the shining helmet. Bid cease the trumpets and let the happy marriage-torch banish fierce war afar. Let the blood derived from a kingly race flow on through royal veins. Do a father’s duty and establish the firm bond of wedlock between thy daughter and adoptive son. Thou wert an emperor’s son-in-law; now an emperor will be thine. What cause is there now for envy, what excuse for jealousy? Stilicho is at once father and father-in-law.


Description of the harbour at Smyrna.

The city that meets our gaze veils the mountain peaks, fronting a tranquil sea. The two headlands that enclose the harbour protect the quiet water from the north wind. Here the sea is disarmed by the encircling land and learns to lie in undisturbed tranquillity.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.claudian_claudianus-shorter_poems.1922