Panegyricus De Quarto Consulatu Honorii Augusti(VIII.)

Auspiciis iterum sese regalibus annus induit et nota fruitur iactantior aula, limina nec passi circum privata morari exultant reduces Augusto consule fasces. 5cernis ut armorum proceres legumque potentes patricios sumant1 habitus? et more Gabino discolor incedit legio positisque parumper bellorum signis sequitur vexilla Quirini. lictori cedunt aquilae ridetque togatus 10miles et in mediis effulget curia castris. ipsa Palatino circumvallata senatu iam trabeam Bellona gerit parmamque removit et galeam sacras umeris vectura curules. nec te laurigeras pudeat, Gradive, secures 15pacata gestare manu Latiaque micantem loricam mutare toga, dum ferreus haeret currus et Eridani ludunt per prata iugales.

Haud indigna coli nec nuper cognita Marti Ulpia progenies et quae diademata mundo 20sparsit Hibera domus. nec tantam vilior unda


The Fourth Consulship of the Emperor Honorius

Panegyric on the Fourth Consulship of the Emperor Honorius (a.d. 398)(VIII)

Once more the year opens under royal auspices and enjoys in fuller pride its famous prince; not brooking to linger around private thresholds the returning fasces rejoice in Caesar’s consulship Seest thou how the armed chiefs and mighty judges don the raiment of senators? and the soldiers step forth in garb of peaceful hue worn Gabine1 wise, and laying aside for a season the standards of war follow the banner of Quirinus. The eagles give way to the lictors, the smiling soldier wears the toga of peace and the senate-house casts its brilliance in the midst of the camp. Bellona herself, surrounded by a noble band of senators, puts on the consul’s gown and lays by her shield and helmet in order to harness the sacred curule chair to her shoulders. Think it no shame, Gradivus, to bear the laurel-crowned axes in a hand of peace and to exchange thy shining breastplate for the Latin toga while thine iron chariot remains unused and thy steeds disport them in the pastures of Eridanus.

Not unworthy of reverence nor but newly acquainted with war is the family of Trajan and that Spanish house which has showered diadems upon the world. No common stream was held worthy

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.claudian_claudianus-panegyric_fourth_consulship_emperor_honorius_ad_398.1922