Claudii Claudiani Carmina

Panegyricus Dictus Probino et Olybrio ConsulibusI

Sol, qui flammigeris mundum complexus habenis volvis inexhausto redeuntia saecula motu, sparge diem meliore coma crinemque repexi blandius elato surgant temone iugales efflantes roseum frenis spumantibus ignem. iam nova germanis vestigia torqueat annus consulibus, laetique petant exordia menses.

Scis genus Auchenium, nec te latuere potentes Anniadae; nam saepe soles ductoribus illis 10instaurare vias et cursibus addere nomen. his neque per dubium pendet Fortuna favorem nec novit mutare vices, sed fixus in omnes cognatos procedit honos. quemcumque require hac de stirpe virum: certum est de consule nasci.


Panegyric on Probinus and Olybrius

The Poems of Claudian

Panegyric on the Consuls Probinus and Olybrius


Sun, that encirclest the world with reins of flame and rollest in ceaseless motion the revolving centuries, scatter thy light with kindlier beams and let thy coursers, their manes combed and they breathing forth a rosy flame from their foaming bits, climb the heavens more jocund in their loftier drawn chariot. Now let the year bend its new steps for the consul brothers and the glad months take their beginning.

Thou wottest of the Auchenian1 race nor are the powerful Anniadae unknown to thee, for thou oft hast started thy yearly journey with them as consuls and hast given their name to thy revolution. For them Fortune neither hangs on uncertain favour nor changes, but honours, firmly fixed, pass to all their kin. Select what man thou wilt from their family, ’tis certain he is a consul’s son. Their ancestors are

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.claudian_claudianus-panegyric_consuls_probinus_olybrius.1922