Cato, On Agriculture

LCL 283: 150-151

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Marcus Cato

brassicam tritam, aquae cyatos IIII. Nulla res tam bene purgabit, neque elleborum neque scamonium, et sine periculo, et scito salubrem esse corpori. 13Quos diffidas sanos facere, facies. Qui hac purgatione purgatus erit, sic eum curato. Sorbitione liquida hoc per dies septem dato. Ubi esse volet, carnem assam dato. Si esse non volet, dato brassicam coctam et panem, et bibat vinum lene dilutum, lavet raro, utatur unctione. Qui sic purgatus erit, diutina valetudine utetur, neque ullus morbus veniet nisi sua culpa. Et siquis ulcus taetrum vel recens habebit, hanc brassicam erraticam aqua spargito, 14opponito; sanum facies. Et si fistula erit, turundam intro trudito. Si turundam non recipiet, diluito, indito in vesicam, eo calamum alligato, ita premito, in fistulam introeat; ea res sanum faciet cito. Et ad omnia ulcera vetera et nova contritam cum melle 15opponito, sanum faciet. Et si polypus in naso intro erit, brassicam erraticam aridam tritam in manum conicito et ad nasum admoveto, ita subducito susum animam quam plurimum poteris; in triduo polypus excidet. Et ubi exciderit, tamen aliquot dies idem 16facito, ut radices polypi persanas facias. Auribus si parum audies, terito cum vino brassicam, sucum exprimito, in aurem intro tepidum instillato; cito te intelleges plus audire. Depetigini spurcae1 brassicam opponito, sanam faciet et ulcus non faciet.

CLVIII. Alvum deicere hoc modo oportet, si vis bene tibi deicere. Sume tibi ollam, addito eo aquae


On Agriculture

take macerated cabbage with four cyathi of water. Nothing will purge so well, neither hellebore, nor scammony; it is harmless, and highly beneficial; it will heal persons whom you despair of healing. The following is the method of purging by this treatment: Administer it in a liquid form for seven days; if the patient has an appetite, feed him on roast meat, or, if he has not, on boiled cabbage and bread. He should drink diluted mild wine, bathe rarely, and rub with oil. One so purged will enjoy good health for a long time, and no sickness will attack him except by his own fault. If one has an ulcer, whether suppurated or new, sprinkle this wild cabbage with water and apply it; you will cure him. If there is a fistula, insert a pellet; or if it will not admit a pellet, make a solution, pour into a bladder attached to a reed, and inject into the fistula by squeezing the bladder. It will heal quickly. An application of wild cabbage macerated with honey to any ulcer, old or new, will heal it. If a nasal polypus appears, pour macerated dry wild cabbage into the palm of the hand; apply to the nostril and sniff with the breath as vigorously as possible. Within three days the polypus will fall out, but continue the same treatment for several days after it has fallen out, so that the roots of the polypus may be thoroughly cleaned. In case of deafness, macerate cabbage with wine, press out the juice, and instil warm into the ear, and you will soon know that your hearing is improved. An application of cabbage to a malignant scab will cause it to heal without ulcerating.

CLVIII. Recipe for a purgative, if you wish to purge thoroughly: Take a pot and pour into it

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.cato-agriculture.1934