Δικταῖαι Μελίαι, σὲ δ᾿ ἐκοίμισεν Ἀδρήστεια λίκνῳ1 ἐνὶ χρυσέῳ, σὺ δ᾿ ἐθήσαο πίονα μαζὸν αἰγὸς Ἀμαλθείης, ἐπὶ δὲ γλυκὺ κηρίον ἔβρως. γέντο γὰρ ἐξαπιναῖα Πανακρίδος ἔργα μελίσσης 50Ἰδαίοις ἐν ὄρεσσι, τά τε κλείουσι Πάνακρα. οὖλα δὲ Κούρητές σε περὶ πρύλιν ὠρχήσαντο τεύχεα πεπλήγοντες,2 ἵνα Κρόνος οὔασιν ἠχὴν ἀσπίδος εἰσαΐοι καὶ μή σεο κουρίζοντος. καλὰ μὲν ἠέξευ, καλὰ δ᾿ ἔτραφες, οὐράνιε Ζεῦ, 55ὀξὺ δ᾿ ἀνήβησας, ταχινοὶ δέ τοι ἦλθον ἴουλοι. ἀλλ᾿ ἔτι παιδνὸς ἐὼν ἐφράσσαο πάντα τέλεια· τῶ τοι καὶ γνωτοὶ προτερηγενέες περ ἐόντες οὐρανὸν οὐκ ἐμέγηραν ἔχειν ἐπιδαίσιον οἶκον. δηναιοὶ δ᾿ οὐ πάμπαν ἀληθέες ἦσαν ἀοιδοί· 60φάντο πάλον Κρονίδῃσι διάτριχα δώματα νεῖμαι· τίς δέ κ᾿ ἐπ᾿ Οὐλύμπῳ τε καὶ Ἄιδι κλῆρον ἐρύσσαι, ὃς μάλα μὴ νενίηλος; ἐπ᾿ ἰσαίῃ γὰρ ἔοικε πήλασθαι· τὰ δὲ τόσσον ὅσον διὰ πλεῖστον ἔχουσι. ψευδοίμην ἀίοντος ἅ κεν πεπίθοιεν ἀκουήν. 65οὔ σε θεῶν ἐσσῆνα πάλοι θέσαν, ἔργα δὲ χειρῶν,


the Dictaean Meliae,a and Adrasteiab laid thee to rest in a cradle of gold, and thou didst suck the rich teat of the she-goat Amaltheia,c and thereto eat the sweet honey-comb. For suddenly on the hills of Ida, which men call Panacra,d appeared the works of the Panacrian bee. And lustily round thee danced the Curetese a war-dance,f beating their armour, that Cronus might hear with his ears the din of the shield, but not thine infant noise.

Fairly didst thou wax, O heavenly Zeus, and fairly wert thou nurtured, and swiftly thou didst grow to manhood, and speedily came the down upon thy cheek. But, while yet a child, thou didst devise all the deeds of perfect stature. Wherefore thy kindred, though an earlier generation, grudged not that thou shouldst have heaven for thine appointed habitation.g The ancient poets spake not altogether truly. For they said that the lot assigned to the sons of Cronus their three several abodes.h But who would draw lots for Olympus and for Hades—save a very fool? for equal chances should one cast lots; but these are the wide world apart. When I speak fiction, be it such fiction as persuades the listener’s ear! Thou wert made sovereign of the gods not by casting of lots but by the deeds of thy

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.callimachus-hymns_hymn_i_zeus.1921