Callimachus, Aetia

LCL 421: 44-45



“ἄττα γέρον, τὰ μὲν ἄλλα πα[ρὼν ἐν δ]ιτὶ μα- θήσει, νῦν δὲ τά μοι πεύσῃ Παλλὰ[ς ”


ἄξονται δ᾿ οὐχ ἵππον ἀέθλιον, οὐ μὲν ἐχῖνον βουδόκον


5καί μιν Ἀλητεῖδαι πουλὺ γεγειότερον τοῦδε παρ᾿ Αἰγαίωνι θεῷ τελέοντες ἀγῶνα θήσουσιν νίκης σύμβολον Ἰσθμιάδος ζήλῳ τῶν Νεμέηθε· πίτυν δ᾿ ἀποτιμήσουσιν, ἣ πρὶν ἀγωνιστὰς ἔστεφε τοὺς Ἐφύρῃ. . . . . . . . . . νύκτα μὲν αὐτόθι μίμνεν, ἀπέστιχε δ᾿ Ἄργος ἑῷος· οὐδὲ ξεινοδόκῳ λήσαθ᾿ ὑποσχεσίης, 20πέμψε δ  [ν] ρῆα, τίεν δέ ἑ ὡς ἕνα πηῶν· νῦν δ᾿ ἔθ᾿ [ἁ][στείη]ν οὐδαμὰ παυσομένην

  • 3suppl. Wil.
  • 4Παλλὰ[ς ἔειπε θεή e.g. suppl. Wil.
  • 19ξενοδόκῳ Wil.: -δόκου P.
  • 20suppl. L. δέ μιν ὡς Maas.
  • 21e.g. suppl. Pf.


old man, the rest you will learn while present at the feast, but now you will hear what Pallas (told me?”)a


. . . and they will take as a prize not a racing horse, not a cauldron large enough to contain an ox . . . (but a wreath of celery).a

59 5

. . . “and the sons of Aletes,a holding games much older than these at the sanctuary of the god Aegaeon,b will set itc as a token of the Isthmian victory in rivalry with the Nemean games. And they will remove from honour the pine-tree, which formerly crowned the competitors in the games of18 Ephyra”d . . . hee spent there the night, but walked away to Argosf at dawn. Nor did he forget his promise to his hostg; he sent him the mule and honoured him as one of his kin. And, still now, the ritual, not about to cease . . .

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.callimachus-aetia.1973