Caesar, The Spanish War

LCL 402: 308-309

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Analysis of the Book
1Cn. Pompeius ransacks Further Spain for troops and money.
2Caesar enters the province and joins his lieutenants.
3–5Caesar sends help to Ulia—marches to Corduba, thereby relieving Ulia—crosses the Baetis by a pontoon bridge: indecisive fighting S. of the town.
6–19Siege of Ategua Pompeius encamps S. of the Salsum—description of his forces and of the terrain—skirmish at Castra Postumiana—sally of Ateguans repulsed—peace overtures rejected: Pompeius skirmishes successfully N. of Salsum—Caesar’s cavalry retaliate dismounted—barbarous behaviour of Pompeian garrison: another sally from the town repulsed—Tullius and Cato offer terms which Caesar rejects: further heavy fighting round the town—it surrenders on February 19th.
20–26Operations near Ucubi Pompeius executes Caesarian partisans at Ucubi: party strife at Ursao: skirmish near river Salsum—gallantry of two centurions: battle on high ground near Soricaria—Pompeius repulsed with heavy losses: single combat between Turpio and Niger: evidence of disaffection in Pompeian army.
27–31Operations near Munda Both armies move S.—Caesar storms Ventipo—Pompeius burns Carruca—takes field outside Munda: description of the terrain: Pompeius remains on defensive on high ground—Caesar attacks—bitter fighting—the Tenth legion starts the enemy rout—total casualties on either side.


32–42‘Mopping-up’ Operations Fugitives in Munda closely invested: Cn. Pompeius flees to Carteia: Caesar arrives outside Corduba—sedition in the town expedites its capture: Caesar marches to Hispalis—Philo renews resistance and makes a final sally—Hispalis falls: Pompeius wounded in fighting at Carteia—flees by sea with Didius in pursuit—his fleet destroyed—he is finally caught, killed, and his head brought to Hispalis: Didius ambushed and killed: Fabius finally reduces Munda: Ursao is invested: Caesar returns to Hispalis—convenes the assembly—accuses the people of base ingratitude in supporting Pompeius.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.caesar-spanish_war.1955