Anicii Manlii Severini Boethiiv.c. et inl. excons. ord. patriciiIncipit Liber

Contra Eutychen Et Nestorium

domino sancto ac venerabili patri IOHANNI DIACONO BOETHIUS filius

Anxie te quidem diuque sustinui, ut de ea quae in conventu mota est quaestione loqueremur. Sed quoniam et tu quominus venires occupatione distractus es et ego in crastinum constitutis negotiis 5 implicabor, mando litteris quae coram loquenda servaveram. Meministi enim, cum in concilio legeretur epistola, recitatum Eutychianos ex duabus naturis Christum consistere confiteri, in duabus negare: catholicos vero utrique dicto fidem praebere, 10 nam et ex duabus eum naturis consistere et in duabus apud verae fidei sectatores aequaliter credi. Cuius dicti novitate percussus harum coniunctionum


Contra Eutychen

A Treatise Against Eutyches and Nestorius by Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius

most honourable, of the illustrious order of ex-consuls, patrician

to his saintly master and reverend fatherJOHN THE DEACON his son BOETHIUS

I have been long and anxiously waiting for you that we might discuss the problem which was raised at the meeting. But since your duties have prevented your coming and I shall be for some time involved in my business engagements, I am setting down in writing what I had been keeping to say by word of mouth.

Now you remember how, when the lettera was read in the assembly, it was read out that the Eutychians confess that Christ is formed from two natures but does not consist of them, but that Catholics give credence to both propositions, for among followers of the true Faith he is equally believed to be of two natures and in two natures. Struck

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.boethius-theological_tractates_contra_eutychen.1973