The Venerable Bede

accenditur. Quod ipsum tu quoque vigilantissime deprehendens, historiam memoratam in notitiam tibi simulque eis quibus te regendis divina praefecit auctoritas, ob generalis curam salutis latius propalari desideras.

Ut autem in his quae scripsi, vel tibi, vel ceteris auditoribus sive lectoribus huius Historiae occasionem dubitandi subtraham, quibus haec maxime auctoribus didicerim breviter intimare curabo. Auctor ante omnes atque adiutor opusculi huius Albinus abba reverentissimus vir per omnia doctissimus extitit; qui in ecclesia Cantuariorum a beatae memoriae Theodoro archiepiscopo et Hadriano abbate viris venerabilibus atque eruditissimis institutus, diligenter omnia quae in ipsa Cantuariorum provincia vel etiam in contiguis eidem regionibus a discipulis beati papae Gregorii gesta fuere, vel monimentis literarum vel seniorum traditione cognoverat: et ea mihi de his quae memoria digna videbantur, per religiosum Lundoniensis ecclesiae presbyterum Nothelmum, sive literis mandata sive ipsius Nothelmi viva voce referenda, transmisit. Qui videlicet Nothelmus postea Romam veniens, nonnullas ibi beati Gregorii papae simul et aliorum pontificum epistolas, perscrutato eiusdem sanctae ecclesiae Romanae scrinio permissu eius qui nunc ipsi ecclesiae praeest Gregorii pontificis,



to be good and acceptable to God. Which very thing you too, most warily pondering, (out of the respect you have to the common good), desire to have the said history more widely published, both to the instruction of yourself and also to the edifying of such other whom the authority of God hath committed unto your governance.

And to the intent I may put both you and all other that shall hear or read the said History out of all doubt of the verity in those things I have written, I will be careful briefly to show you what authors I have chiefly followed in the making thereof. The chiefest author and aider I had in compiling this small work was the most reverend abbot Albinus,1 a man instructed in all manner of knowledge; which being brought up in the church of Canterbury under archbishop Theodore,2 of blessed memory, and abbot Hadrian, men of great worship and learning, hath diligently procured and sent unto me all such things as were done by the disciples of the blessed pope Gregory in the province of Canterbury itself, either also in other places adjoining and bordering upon the same: which things the said abbot had learned partly by writings, partly also by tradition of elders; and such of these things as seemed deserving of record he hath sent unto me by the hands of Nothelm,3 a devout priest of the church of London, to be received either in writing, either by mouth and relation of the said Nothelm. Which same Nothelm going after unto Rome was permitted by Gregory4 the bishop which is now head of the selfsame Church of pope Gregory5 to search the closets of the said holy Church of Rome, where he found out certain epistles of the blessed pope

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.bede-ecclesiastical_history_english_nation.1930