The Venerable Bede

adfuisse, eumque de lavacro exeuntem suscepisse, ac pulcherrimo prorsus et Deo digno consortio, cuius erat filiam accepturus in coniugem, ipsum prius secunda generatione Deo dicatum sibi accepit in filium. Donaverunt autem ambo reges eidem episcopo civitatem quae vocatur Dorcic, ad faciendum inibi sedem episcopalem; ubi factis dedicatisque ecclesiis, multisque ad Dominum pio eius labore populis advocatis, migravit ad Dominum, sepultusque est in eadem civitate, et post annos multos, Haedde episcopatum agente, translatus inde in Ventam civitatem, atque in ecclesia beatorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli positus est.

Defuncto autem et rege, successit in regnum filius eius Coinualch, qui et fidem ac sacramenta regni caelestis suscipere renuit, et non multo post etiam regni terrestris potentiam perdidit. Repudiata enim sorore Pendan regis Merciorum quam duxerat, aliam accepit uxorem: ideoque bello petitus, ac regno privatus ab illo, secessit ad regem Orientalium Anglorum, cui nomen erat Anna: apud quem triennio exulans fidem cognovit ac suscepit veritatis. Nam et ipse apud quem exulabat rex erat vir bonus, et bona ac sancta sobole felix, ut in sequentibus docebimus.

Cum vero restitutus esset in regnum Coinualch, venit in provinciam de Hibernia pontifex quidam, nomine Agilberctus, natione quidem Gallus, sed tune legendarum gratia Scripturarum in Hibernia non parvo


See of Dorchester

was present and lifted Cynegils up as he came forth from the laver, in an alliance most lovely altogether and worthy of God, in that Oswald took for his godson the very man whose daughter he was to take to wife, after this man had been first dedicated to God by a second birth. Moreover, both kings gave the same bishop the city which is called Dorcic1 to make there his episcopal see; where, after that he had builded and dedicated churches and by his godly pains brought much people to the Lord, he passed to the Lord and was buried in the same city, and many years after, when Heddi was bishop, he was conveyed from thence over to the city of Wenta,2 and laid in the church of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul.

But when the king too died, his son Cenwalh succeeded him in the kingdom, who refused to receive the faith and sacraments of the kingdom of heaven, and shortly after lost the power of his earthly kingdom also. For putting away the sister of Penda, king of the Marchmen, whom he had married, he took another wife: and for that cause he was by Penda assaulted with battle and deposed from his kingdom, and departed to the king of the East English, who was called Anna: with whom living in banishment by the space of three years he learned and received the true faith. For the king with whom he lived in banishment was both himself a virtuous man and was blessed with virtuous and holy issue, as we shall declare hereafter.3

Now when Cenwalh had been restored to his kingdom, there came out of Ireland into his province a certain prelate,4 named Agilbert, a Frenchman born, yet having made long abode in Ireland for the sake of reading the Scriptures; and this bishop joined

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