Bacchylides, Fragments

LCL 461: 294-295

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Greek Lyric

fr. 39 Ap. Dysc. Adv. 596 (i 183 Schneider)

ὃν τρόπον καὶ ἐπ᾿ ὀνομάτων μεταπλασμοὶ γίνονται καθάπερ τὸ ἐρυσάρματες, τὸ λῖτα, τὸ παρὰ Σαπφοῖ αὔα, τὸ


παρὰ Βακχυλίδῃ. . .

cf.Pind. fr. 325 ὑψικέρατα πέτραν

fr. 40 Athen. 4. 174f (i 392 Kaibel)

τούτοις δὲ καὶ οἱ Κᾶρες χρῶνται ἐν τοῖς θρήνοις, εἰ μὴ ἄρα καὶ ἡ Καρία Φοινίκη ἐκαλεῖτο, ὡς παρὰ Κορίννῃ καὶ Βακχυλίδῃ ἔστιν εὑρεῖν.

fr. 41 Schol. Ar. Av. 1536 (p. 273s. White)

Εὐφρόνιος (fr. 27 Strecker)· ὅτι Διὸς θυγάτηρ ἡ Βασίλεια, καὶ δοκεῖ τὰ κατὰ τὴν ἀθανασίαν αὕτη οἰκονομεῖν, ἣν ἔχει καὶ παρὰ Βακχυλίδῃ ἡ Ἀθηνᾶ, τῷ Τυδεῖ δώσουσα τὴν ἀθανασίαν.

fr. 42 Schol. Pind. Ol. 1. 40a (i 30 Drachmann)

ὁ δὲ Βακχυλίδης τὸν Πέλοπα τὴν Ῥέαν λέγει ὑγιάσαι †καθεῖσαν διὰ λέβητος† (ἐγκαθεῖσαν πάλιν τῷ λέβητι ci. Bergk).



fr. 39 Apollonius Dyscolus, Adverbs

As metaplasms 1 occur in nouns, e.g. ἐρυσάματες, ‘drawing chariots’, λῖτα, ‘linen cloth’, Sappho’s αὔα, ‘dawn’ (175) and Bacchylides’ πυργοκέρατα,

tower-horned 2 . . .

fr. 40 Athenaeus, Scholars at Dinner (on the γίγγρας, a small Phoenician pipe)

The Carians use these in their laments, unless of course the name Phoenice was being applied to Caria, 1 as one may find it in Corinna (686) and Bacchylides.

fr. 41 Scholiast on Aristophanes, Birds (‘unless Zeus gives you Princess for your wife’)

According to Euphronius, 1 this is because Princess is the daughter of Zeus; and she seems to look after business connected with immortality, the responsibility of Athena in Bacchylides, where she intends to give immortality to Tydeus. 2

fr. 42 Scholiast on Pindar, Ol. 1. 26 (‘when Clotho took Pelops from the pure cauldron’)

Bacchylides says that it was Rhea who restored Pelops 1 by lowering him (again?) into the cauldron.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.bacchylides-fragments.1992