Ausonius, The Daily Round

LCL 96: 12-13

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Liber II

Ephemerisid estTotius Diei Negotium


Mane iam clarum reserat fenestras, iam strepit nidis vigilax hirundo: tu velut primam mediamque noctem, Parmeno, dormis. 5dormiunt glires hiemem perennem, sed cibo parcunt: tibi causa somni, multa quod potas nimiaque tendis1 mole saginam. inde nec flexas sonus intrat aures 10et locum mentis sopor altus urget nec coruscantis oculos lacessunt fulgura lucis. annuam quondam iuveni quietem, noctis et lucis vicibus manentem, 15fabulae fingunt, cui Luna somnos continuarit.


The Daily Round

book II

The Daily RoundorThe Doings of A Whole Day


Already bright Morn is opening her windows, already the watchful swallow twitters from her nest; but you, Parmeno, sleep on as if it were the first or the middle watch of the night. Dormice sleep the winter round, but they leave food alone; while you slumber on because you drink deep, and swell out your paunch with too great a mass of food. And so no sound enters the winding channels of your ears, a deep stupor presses on your consciousness, and all the dazzling beams of light do not vex your eyes. Old tales pretend that once upon a time a youth1 slept on year in, year out, untroubled by the interchange of night and day, because Luna made his slumbers unending.

  • 1sc. Endymion.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.ausonius-daily_round.1919