Ausonius, Conclusion of the Book of Annals

LCL 96: 348-349

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[Libri De Fastis] Conclusio

I.—Ausonius Hesperio Filio Sal1

(Consulari Libro subiciendi quem ego ex cunctis Consulibus unum coegi. Gregorio ex Praef.2)

Ignota aeternae ne sint tibi tempora Romae, regibus et patrum ducta sub imperiis, digessi fastos et nomina praepetis aevi, sparsa iacent Latiam si qua per historiam. 5sit tuus hic fructus, vigilatas accipe noctes: obsequitur studio nostra lucerna tuo. tu quoque venturos per longum consere Ianos, ut mea digessit pagina praeteritos. exemplum iam patris habes, ut protinus3 et te 10adgreget4 Ausoniis purpura consulibus.


Conclusion Of The Book Of Annals

book XV

Conclusion of The Book of Annals

I.—Ausonius to his Son Hesperius, Greeting

(To be appended to my Book of the Consuls, where I have compressed into a single volume the names of all the Consuls. To Gregorius, formerly Prefect.)1

That not unknown to you may be the ages which eternal Rome has passed under the sway of Princes and of Senate, I have compiled these Annals, gathering the names which Time in his swift career has left scattered along the path of Latin history. Be yours this fruit, take the produce of my night-watches: my midnight oil burns in the service of your delight. Do you, too, through a long life link together New Years yet to come, as my page has set in order those gone by. Even now the example of your father bids you also win forthwith the purple robe and join the company of Ausonian2 Consuls.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.ausonius-conclusion_book_annals.1919