Aristotle, Posterior Analytics

LCL 391: 22-23

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Posterior Analytics

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I append a short list of the principal editions, translations, works of reference and articles that are likely to be helpful in a study of the Posterior Analytics.

Texts and Editions

Aristotelis Opera, ed. I. Bekker (Berlin, 1831; Oxford, 1837).

Organum, ed. L Pacius (Frankfurt, 1592).

Organon, ed. T. Waitz (Leipzig, 1844–1846).

Prior and Posterior Analytics, ed. W. D. Ross (Oxford, 1949).


Posterior Analytics in English by E. Poste (Oxford, 1850), E. S. Bouchier (Oxford, 1901) and G. R. G. Mure (Oxford, 1906); in French by J. B.-Saint-Hilaire (Paris, 1837) and J. Tricot (Paris, 1938); in German by J. H. von Kirchmann (Heidelberg, 1877) and E. Rolfes (Leipzig, 1922).

Works of Reference

Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca:

Themistii in An. Post. II Paraphrasis, ed. M. Wallies (Berlin, 1899).

Eustratius in An. Post. ii, ed. M. Hayduck (Berlin, 1907).


Posterior Analytics

Ioannes Philoponus in An. Post. et Anonymus in An. Post. ii, ed. M. Wallies (Berlin, 1909).

Cherniss, H.: Aristotle’s Criticism of Plato and the Academy (Baltimore, 1944).

Gohlke, P.: Die Entstehung der aristotelischen Logik (Berlin, 1936).

Heath, Sir Thomas: Mathematics in Aristotle (Oxford, 1949).

Maier, H.: Die Syllogistik des Aristoteles (Tübingen, 1900).

Solmsen, F.: Die Entwicklung der aristotelischen Logik und Rhetorik (Berlin, 1929).

Zabarella, I.: In duos Arist. libros Post An. Commentaria (Venice, 1582).


Einarson, B.: “On certain Mathematical Terms in Aristotle’s Logic” (A.J.P. (1936), pp. 33–54, 151–172).

Lee, H. D. P.: “Geometrical Method and Aristotle’s Account of First Principles” (C.Q. (1925), pp. 113–129).

Stocks, J. L.: “The Composition of Aristotle’s Logical Works” (C.Q. (1933), pp. 115–124).

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aristotle-posterior_analytics.1960