Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

LCL 73: 450-451

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iΜετὰ δὲ ταῦτα περὶ φιλίας ἕποιτ᾿ ἂν διελθεῖν.1155 a ἔστι γὰρ ἀρετή τις ἢ μετ᾿ ἀρετῆς· ἔτι δ᾿ ἀναγκαιότατον εἰς τὸν βίον. ἄνευ γὰρ φίλων οὐδεὶς5 ἕλοιτ᾿ ἂν ζῆν ἔχων τὰ λοιπὰ ἀγαθὰ πάντα. καὶ γὰρ πλουτοῦσι καὶ ἀρχὰς καὶ δυναστείας κεκτημένοις δοκεῖ φίλων μάλιστ᾿ εἶναι χρεία· τί γὰρ ὄφελος τῆς τοιαύτης εὐετηρίας ἀφαιρεθείσης εὐεργεσίας, ἣ γίγνεται μάλιστα καὶ ἐπαινετωτάτη πρὸς φίλους; ἢ πῶς ἂν τηρηθείη καὶ σῴζοιτ᾿10 ἄνευ φίλων; ὅσῳ γὰρ πλείων, τοσούτῳ ἐπισφαλεστέρα. 2ἐν πενίᾳ τε καὶ ταῖς λοιπαῖς δυστυχίαις μόνην οἴονται καταφυγὴν εἶναι τοὺς φίλους. καὶ νέοις δὲ πρὸς τὸ ἀναμάρτητον καὶ πρεσβυτέροις πρὸς θεραπείαν καὶ τὸ ἐλλεῖπον τῆς πράξεως δι᾿ ἀσθένειαν βοήθεια,1 τοῖς τ᾿ ἐν ἀκμῇ πρὸς τὰς15 καλὰς πράξεις—σύν τε δύ᾿ ἐρχομένω—καὶ γὰρ 3νοῆσαι καὶ πρᾶξαι δυνατώτεροι. φύσει τ᾿ ἐνυπάρχειν ἔοικε πρὸς2 τὸ γεγεννημένον τῷ γεννήσαντι


Nicomachean Ethics, VIII.


iOur next business after this will be to discuss Bks. VIII., IX. Friendship. I. Nature and kinds of Friendship, cc. i-viii. c. i. Introduction: Friendship implies Virtue; and is valuable as a means to the good life.Friendship.a For friendship is a virtue,b or involves virtue; and also it is one of the most indispensable requirements of life. For no one would choose to live without friends, but possessing all other good things. In fact rich men, rulers and potentates are thought especially to require friends, since what would be the good of their prosperity without an outlet for beneficence, which is displayed in its fullest and most praiseworthy form towards friends? and how could such prosperity be safeguarded and preserved without friends? for the greater it is, the 2greater is its insecurity. And in poverty or any other misfortune men think friends are their only resource. Friends are an aid to the young, to guard them from error; to the elderly, to tend them, and to supplement their failing powers of action; to those in the prime of life, to assist them in noble deeds—

When twain together goc

for two are better able both to plan and to execute. 3And the affection of parent for offspring and of as natural,

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aristotle-nicomachean_ethics.1926