Eudemian Ethics

of Philology xxxii. pp. 170 ff.; and also supplied a number of printed notes to the Oxford translator, J. Solomon.

Solomon’s translation, in Volume IX. of the Oxford Aristotle 1925, is the most recent work on the book. Mr. Solomon in his footnotes gives full references to the corresponding passages of the Nicomachean Ethics and Magna Moralia; and his notes on the readings of the Greek that he has adopted make his work a valuable critical edition: they include conjectures of the translator himself, of Professor Ross the general editor of the series, and of other scholars, among them the notes of Henry Jackson referred to above.

In view of the comparatively scanty amount of work on the text hitherto published, the present editor has thought himself justified in making a considerable number of conjectural emendations of his own. Some freedom has been used in incorporating these and those of other scholars in the text; it seems in keeping with the purpose of this series to present the reader directly with what Aristotle probably wrote, leaving him to glance at the critical notes to discover what he is represented as having written by his copyists. At the same time in the interests of scholarship emended passages in the text are marked by a number referring to the corresponding note.

Similarly, the style of the translation is intended to make it serve as an aid to a student reading the original. It is as interpretative as was possible without becoming a mere paraphrase; it is not intended as a substitute for the Greek, which might take the form either of a rigidly literal version or


Eudemian Ethics

of a rendering into idiomatic English conveying the sense but ignoring the form of the original.

The following signs are used in the critical notes:

  • mss.
  • Pb = Vaticanus.
  • Mb = Marcianus.
  • cet. = all the other mss. collated by editors where their readings agree.
  • v.l. = the reading of one or some of these other mss.
  • Guil. = the Latin version of William of Moerbeke.
  • Γ = the conjectured Greek original of this.
  • Bf = De Bona Fortuna.

The following abbreviations are used for the names of some editors and commentators quoted for the text:

  • Ald. = editio princeps Aldina.
  • Bek. = Bekker.
  • Bus. = Busolt.
  • Bz. = Bonitz.
  • Cas. = Casaubon.
  • Fr. = Fritsche.
  • Iac. = Henry Jackson.
  • Rac. = the present editor.
  • Ras. = Rassow.
  • Ric. = Richards.
  • Sol. = Solomon.
  • Sp. = Spengler.
  • Sus. = Susemihl.
  • Syl. = Sylburg.
  • Vict. = Victorius.

Η. R.

November 1934.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aristotle-eudemian_ethics.1935