Aristophanes, Knights

LCL 178: 224-225

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Seven papyri preserve fragments of Knights. 3 There are 31 medieval MSS, which divide into two main families: R and the sources of S on the one side, and the MSS designated by the siglum y on the other. In addition, M and one of the correcting hands in Γ derive from lost early MSS related to but independent of R S and y. The recensions made by Triclinius (at least three) and by later Byzantine scholars were based on recentiores of the y family. In this edition the y family is represented by VEΓΑΘVp3C. Accompanying the text of Knights is a substantial corpus of scholia both metrical and exegetic.

R Ravennas 429 (c. 950)
S readings found in the Suda
M Ambrosianus L 39 sup. (c. 1320)
V Venetus Marcianus 474 (XI/XII)
E Estensis a.U.5.10 (XIV/XVin)
Γ Laurentianus 31.15 (c. 1325)
A Parisinus gr. 2712 (XIVin)
Θ Laurentianus conv. soppr. 140 (XIVin)
Vp3 Vaticanus Palatinus gr. 128 (XV)
C Parisinus gr. 2717 (XV/XVI)
z the archetype of RMy
y the consensus of VEΓΑΘVp3


Annotated Editions
  • F. H. M. Blaydes (Halle 1892)
  • W. W. Merry (Oxford 1895)
  • F. A. von Velsen, rev. by K. Zacher (Leipzig 1898)
  • J. van Leeuwen (Leiden 1900)
  • R. A. Neil (Cambridge 1901)
  • B. B. Rogers (London 1910), with English translation.
  • A. H. Sommerstein (Warminster 1981), with English translation.
  • G. Mastromarco (Turin 1983), with Italian translation.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aristophanes-knights.1998