Aristophanes, Acharnians

LCL 178: 208-209

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(ἀντ)τοῦτο μὲν αὐτῷ κακὸν ἕν, κᾆθ᾿ ἕτερον νυκτερινὸν γένοιτο. ἠπιαλῶν γὰρ οἴκαδ᾿ ἐξ 1165ἱππασίας βαδίζων, εἶτα πατάξειέ τις αὐτοῦ μεθύων τῆς κεφαλῆς Ὀρέστης μαινόμενος· ὁ δὲ λίθον λαβεῖν βουλόμενος ἐν σκότῳ λάβοι 1170τῇ χειρὶ πέλεθον ἀρτίως κεχεσμένον· ἐπᾴξειεν δ᾿ ἔχων τὸν μάρμαρον, κἄπειθ᾿ ἁμαρ- τὼν βάλοι Κρατῖνον.


ὦ δμῶες οἳ κατ᾿ οἶκόν ἐστε Λαμάχου, 1175ὕδωρ, ὕδωρ ἐν χυτριδίῳ θερμαίνετε· ὀθόνια, κηρωτὴν παρασκευάζετε, ἔρι᾿ οἰσυπηρά, λαμπάδιον περὶ τὸ σφυρόν. ἁνὴρ τέτρωται χάρακι διαπηδῶν τάφρον, καὶ τὸ σφυρὸν παλίνορρον ἐξεκόκκισεν, 1180καὶ τῆς κεφαλῆς κατέαγε περὶ λίθῳ πεσών, καὶ Γοργόν᾿ ἐξήγειρεν ἐκ τῆς ἀσπίδος· πτίλον δὲ τὸ μέγ᾿ <ὡς εἶδεν ἐκ κράνους> πεσὸν πρὸς ταῖς πέτραισι δεινὸν ἐξηύδα μέλος· “ὦ κλεινὸν ὄμμα νῦν πανύστατόν σ᾿ ἰδὼν

  • 1182μέγ᾿ <ὡς εἶδεν ἐκ κράνους> πεσὸν exempli gratia Sommerstein: μέγα κομπολακύθου z: πεσὸν Rpc j: πεσὼν Rac α


That’s one curse for him; and here’s another, to happen to him in the night. As he walks home shivering after galloping his horse, I hope some drunkard— mad Orestes! 137 knocks him on the head; and when he wants to grab a stone I hope in the darkness he grabs in his hand a fresh-shat turd, and holding that glittering missile let him charge at his foe, then miss him and hit Cratinus!

A third messenger rushes in and bangs on Lamachus’ door.
Third Messenger

Ye vassals of the house of Lamachus, water, heat water in a basin, prepare linen strips, wax salve, oily wool, a bandage for his ankle! The man’s been wounded by a stake, from jumping over a trench, and twisted his ankle backwards and dislocated it, and fractured his head by falling on a stone, and waked the sleeping Gorgon from his shield! And <when he saw> the great plume had fallen <from his helmet> against the rocks, he voiced a direful cry: “O brilliant

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aristophanes-acharnians.1998