Apuleius, Florida

LCL 534: 244-245

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The subjects of all twenty-eight chapters are as follows:

  • 1. On the custom of leaving gifts at roadside sanctuaries
  • 2. On the superiority of mental to ocular vision in human beings
  • 3. The myth of Marsyas’ flaying at the hands of Apollo
  • 4. Antigenidas the piper and the application of the same word to objects differing in kind
  • 5. A brief address to an audience
  • 6. The customs of the Indians
  • 7. Alexander the Great’s allowing only chosen artists to portray him
  • 8. Virtue matters more than rank
  • 9. Encomium of the proconsul Severianus Honorinus
  • 10. On Providence
  • 11. Criticism of a plagiarist
  • 12. Description of a parrot
  • 13. Comparison of birdsongs with a philosopher’s speech
  • 14. Crates the Cynic
  • 15. Samos and its native son Pythagoras
  • 16. Apuleius’ sprained ankle; the comic-poet Philemon; Apuleius’ reception of an honorific statue
  • 17. Encomium of the proconsul Scipio Orfitus
  • 18. Encomium of Carthage; Protagoras and his pupil Euathlus; comparison of Protagoras with Thales
  • 19. Asclepiades the doctor and his resuscitation of a man supposedly dead
  • 20. Apuleius’ education and praise of the culture of Carthage


  • 21. Travelers sometimes stop to greet a person of high rank
  • 22. The philosopher Crates
  • 23. Appearances both of ships and of human beings can deceive
  • 1*. Introduction to an improvised speech
  • 2*. Aristippus on frankness of speech
  • 3*. On turning thoughts into speech
  • 4*. Apuleius’ reluctance to improvise, illustrated by the fable of the vixen and the crow
  • 5*. Switching from Greek to Latin in the course of a speech
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.apuleius-florida.2017