Apuleius, Apologia

LCL 534: 12-13

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1. Certus equidem eram proque vero obtinebam, Maxime Claudi quique in consilio estis, Sicinium Aemilianum, senem notissimae temeritatis, accusationem mei prius apud te coeptam quam apud se cogitatam penuria criminum solis conviciis impleturum; 2quippe insimulari quivis innocens potest, revinci nisi nocens non potest. 3Quo ego uno praecipue confisus gratulor medius fidius, quod mihi copia et facultas te iudice optigit purgandae apud imperitos philosophiae et probandi mei. 4Quamquam istae calumniae ut prima specie graves, ita ad difficultatem defensionis repentinae fuere. 5Nam, ut meministi, dies abhinc quintus an sextus est, cum me causam pro uxore mea Pudentilla adversus Granios agere aggressum de composito necopinantem patroni eius incessere maledictis, et insimulare magicorum maleficiorum ac denique necis Pontiani privigni mei coepere. 6Quae ego cum intellegerem non tam




1. I was convinced and considered it a certainty, Claudius Maximus and you who are present as his advisers,2 that Sicinius Aemilianus, an old man notoriously foolhardy, had launched his suit against me in your court before duly thinking it over with himself, and that for lack of any real charges he would fill his prosecution with insults and nothing more. 2For one can defame an innocent man, but only convict a guilty one. 3That thought in itself gives me confidence, and I must say I am delighted to have been granted an opportunity and an occasion to clear the name of Philosophy, and to justify myself in the eyes of ignorant people, with you as my judge; 4though these slanders were grave at first sight, and at the same time were so unexpected as to make a defense difficult. 5For as you will remember, it was only five or six days ago that, after I had begun to argue a case on behalf of my wife Pudentilla against the Granius family, Aemilianus’ lawyers colluded in attacking me by surprise with their insults, and finally began to accuse me of practicing black magic and even of murdering my stepson Pontianus. 6Realizing that these were not so much charges made to stand up in court as

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.apuleius-apologia.2017