[Virgil], Appendix Vergiliana. Copa

LCL 64: 438-439

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Appendix Vergiliana


Copa Syrisca, caput Graeca redimita mitella, crispum sub crotalo docta movere latus, ebria fumosa saltat lasciva taberna ad cubitum raucos excutiens calamos:

5“Quid iuvat aestivo defessum pulvere abîsse? quam potius bibulo decubuisse toro! sunt topia et calybae, cyathi, rosa, tibia, chordae, et triclia umbrosis frigida harundinibus; en et Maenalio quae garrit dulce sub antro 10rustica pastoris fistula more sonat. est et vappa cado nuper defusa picato, est crepitans rauco murmure rivus aquae. sunt etiam croceo violae de flore corollae sertaque purpurea lutea mixta rosa 15et quae virgineo libata Achelois ab amne lilia vimineis attulit in calathis. sunt et caseoli, quos iuncea fiscina siccat, sunt autumnali cerea pruna die castaneaeque nuces et suave rubentia mala, 20est hic munda Ceres, est Amor, est Bromius;

  • mss: Ω = MSL
  • meter: elegiac
  • 5abisse Ilgen: abesse Ω
  • 7calybae Scaliger: calybes Ω



Hostess from Syria with hair caught up in a Greek bandanna, adept in swaying sinuous thighs to the castanet’s rhythm, dances in her smoky tavern, tipsily, sexily, tapping against her elbows a noisy tambourine:

“Why go away when you’re tired with the heat and the dust? How much better to recline on a couch with a drink! Here are panelled booths and cabins and goblets, roses, flutes, harps, and a pavilion cooled by a shady curtain of reeds. Yes, and here is the sound of country piping, shepherd style, such as sweetly warbles in a glen of Arcady. And there’s a house wine freshly broached from its pitch-sealed jar, there’s a rivulet of water chattering with noisy splash. There are also garlands of pale violet-blossom and saffron chaplets blended with scarlet roses, and lilies that a water nymph has gathered from a virgin stream and brought in cradles of osier. And there are little cheeses, dried in rush baskets, and waxen plums of autumn’s season and chestnuts and sweetly blushing apples: here are loaves of purest bread, here Love, here wine. There are also blood-red

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.appendix_vergiliana_copa.1918