[Virgil], Appendix Vergiliana. Ciris

LCL 64: 442-443

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Appendix vergiliana


Etsi me, vario iactatum laudis amore1 irritaque expertum fallacis praemia vulgi, Cecropius suavis exspirans hortulus auras florentis viridi Sophiae complectitur umbra, 5mensque, ut quiret eo dignum sibi quaerere carmen, longe aliud studium inque alios accincta labores, altius ad magni suspexit sidera mundi et placitum paucis ausa est ascendere collem: non tamen absistam coeptum detexere munus, 10in quo iure meas utinam requiescere musas et leviter blandum liceat deponere amorem. Quod si mirificum decus o Mes<salla tuorum>, mirificum saecli, modo sit tibi velle libido, si mihi iam summas Sapientia panderet arces, 15quattuor antiquis heredibus edita consors, unde hominum errores longe lateque per orbem despicere atque humilis possem contemnere curas,

  • 1 Cf. Cat. 65.1ff
  • 5mensque ut Housman: tum mea Z ǀ quiret edd. vett.: qu(a)eret Z
  • 6inque Housman: atque Z
  • 7suspexit Schrader: suspendit Z
  • 12decus Salvatore: genus Z ǀ o Messalla tuorum Scaliger: omnes Z
  • 13saecli ς: sedi Z
  • 14panderet Heinsius: pangeret Z
  • 15edita Baehrens: est data Z



Tossed though I am, this way and that, by love of renown, and knowing full well that the fickle throng’s rewards are vain; though the Attic garden, 1 breathing forth sweet fragrance, enwraps me in fine-flowering Wisdom’s verdant shade; and though my mind, prepared as she is for far different tasks and far different toils, has looked aloft to the stars of the mighty firmament, and has dared to climb the hill 2 that has found favour with few: nevertheless I shall not cease to fulfil the task I have begun, wherein I pray that my Muses may find their due repose, and lightly lay aside that seductive love.

But if, O Messalla, wondrous glory of your family—wondrous glory of our age, should you only choose to wish it—if Wisdom, exalted partner of those four heirs of olden days, 3 now opened up to me her topmost citadels, whence, far and wide over the world, I could look down on the errors of men and despise their lowly cares, I should not be

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.appendix_vergiliana_ciris.1918