Ameipsias, Testimonia and Fragments

LCL 513: 60-61

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The Poets of Old Comedy



i suda α 1572

Ἀμειψίας· Ἀθηναῖος, κωμικός

ii P. Oxy. 2659 F 1 col. i. 1

Μοιχοί Σ]απφώ


The Poets of Old Comedy


Ameipsias belongs to the last quarter of the fifth century, his career probably extending into the early fourth century. Fixed dates are: D-423 (a second-place finish for his Connus [T 5]) and D-414 (a first-place finish for Revellers [T 6]). His mention by Aristophanes in the opening scene of Frogs [T 7] shows that he was still active in the last decade of the fifth century, and his victory at the Lenaea [T 4] seems to have been rather later, since we find him in the company of poets from the last years of Old Comedy. We have here a poet of the second rank with a reasonably long career, but for whom not many play titles are known (probably six). The three choral titles (Cottabus-players, Adulterers, Revellers) suggest a robust and vigorous sort of comedy, very much in the traditional fashion of Old Comedy.

Recent bibliography: P. Totaro, in Tessere 133–94.


i Amepsias: of Athens, a comic poet.

ii [from a list of comic poets and their plays—the poet’s name is lost]


DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.ameipsias-testimonia_fragments.2011