Alciphron, Letters 1. Letters of Fishermen

LCL 383: 18-19

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claims, “das Hauptindicium für Alkiphrons Zeit,”a one may well despair of certainty; it is hard to see why such an argument should have been treated respectfully by Dalmeyda.b

The third method is no less unsatisfactory, for one of the commonest ways of attempting to fix Longus’s date is to examine his relationship to Alciphron. The most careful examination of this relationship is to be found in Reich,c Bonner,d and Dalmeyda,e who disagree, Reich and Dalmeyda claiming that Alciphron imitated Longus, and Bonner inclining to the belief that Longus imitated Alciphron but claiming only that common dependence upon a third source is possible. On internal grounds Longus is dated by Schisself after 250. Rohdeg does little more than to express the belief that Longus imitated Alciphron and that he must therefore have lived after 200.

A terminus ante quem for the life of Alciphron is therefore still to seek.

3. Manuscripts

Schepers’s second edition (Leipsic, 1905) is based on the following mss.:

independent or of uncertain position in the stemma (four mss.):

  • B Vindobonensis phil. 342 (membran., 12th–13th cent.), ff. 183r–200r: ii. 1–4, 6–39. A facsimile


  • of one page of this ms., showing ii. 24 and the first part of ii. 25 (through ὑπὸ ταῖς θά-), is given on Schepers’s first plate.
  • Xeapolitanus III. AA. 14 (chartac., 14th–15th cent.), ff. 219v sqq., in a different hand from that of Neap.a below: i. 1–12 (Ἀλκίφρονος ῥήτορος ἐπιστολαί); apparently related to Vaticanus 140 and to x2 (see below, p. 20).
  • N Parisinus suppl. grec 352 (bombyc, 13th cent.), ff. 148r sqq.: i (Ἀλκίφρονος ῥήτορος ἐπιστολαὶ ἁλιευτικαί), iii. 1–4, 5 (through ἐξ οὗ [§ 2]; Ἀλκίφρονος ῥήτορος ἐπιστολαὶ παρασίτων). A facsimile of the top of one page (f. 148v) of this ms., showing i. 4 (beginning with -ῶν τὰ νηματικὰ [§ l], 5–6, 7 (through ἀντίδοσις γὰρ), is given on Schepers’s second plate.
  • Φ Parisinus 3054 (chartac., written in the latter part of the 15th cent, by Janus Lascaris [Vogel-Gardthausen, Die griechischen Schreiber des Mittelalters und der Renaissance (Leipsic, 1909), p. 157]), ff. 133v sqq.: iv. 2, 18–19, in the order 18–19, 2. Schepers’s listing of this ms. on p. 156 among those containing frag. 5 appears to be a mistake. (Schepers did not collate Ξ = Parisinus 2832 [chartac., end of 15th cent.], ff. 105r sqq.: the same letters, and in the same order, as Parisinus 3054, of which it is perhaps a copy.)
"Family 1 (three MSS. : X and Neap. ^a):
        X special character Harl. Harleianus 5566 (chartac., 14th cent.), ff. 14 1r-
        167v: i. 1–13, 15–22, ii. 2–30, iii. 1–7, 9–35, 37–39, 42, presumably in the same order as in the closely related
        Ven. Marcianus VIII. 2 (14th–15th cent.), ff. 246v–264r: i. 1–13, 15–22, ii. 2–30, iii. 1–7, 9–35, 37–39, 42,
        In the following order: iii. 1–7, 9–18, 20–27, 33,
        28–32, 34–35, 37–39, 42, 19 (Ἀλκίφρονος ῥήτορος
        ἐπιστολαὶ παρασίτων α’-λη’), ii. 2–15, 17–27, 16,
        28–30 (Ἀλκίφρονος ῥήτορος ἐπιστολὶ ἀγροικικαί α’ –κθ’), i. 1–13, 15–22 (Ἀλκίφρονος ῥήτορος ἐπιστολαὶ ἁλιευτικαί λ’ –ν’).
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.alciphron-letters_book_i_letters_fishermen.1949