Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound

LCL 145: 530-531

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τούτων σὺ τὴν μὲν τῇδε, τὴν δ᾿ ἐμοὶ χάριν θέσθαι θέλησον, μηδ᾿ ἀτιμάσῃς λόγου· καὶ τῇδε μὲν γέγωνε τὴν λοιπὴν πλάνην, 785ἐμοῖ δὲ τὸν λύσοντα· τοῦτο γὰρ ποθῶ.


ἐπεὶ προθυμεῖσθ᾿, οὐκ ἐναντιώσομαι τὸ μὴ οὐ γεγωνεῖν πᾶν ὅσον προσχρῄζετε. σοὶ πρῶτον, Ἰοῖ, πολύδονον πλάνην φράσω, ἣν ἐγγράφου σὺ μνήμοσιν δέλτοις φρενῶν. 790ὅταν περάσῃς ῥεῖθρον ἠπείρων ὅρον, πρὸς ἀντολὰς φλογῶπας ἡλίου στίβει, πόντον περῶσ᾿ ἄφλοισβον, ἔστ᾿ ἂν ἐξίκῃ πρὸς Γοργόνεια πεδία Κισθήνης, ἵνα αἱ Φορκίδες ναίουσι, δηναιαὶ κόραι 795τρεῖς κυκνόμορφοι, κοινὸν ὄμμ᾿ ἐκτημέναι, μονόδοντες, ἃς οὐδ᾿ ἥλιος προσδέρκεται ἀκτῖσιν οὔθ᾿ ἡ νύκτερος μήνη ποτέ· πέλας δ᾿ ἀδελφαὶ τῶνδε τρεῖς κατάπτεροι, δρακοντόμαλλοι Γοργόνες βροτοστυγεῖς, 800ἃς θνητὸς οὐδεὶς εἰσιδὼν ἕξει πνοάς. τοιοῦτο μέν σοι τοῦτο φρούριον λέγω·

  • 783λόγου Elmsley: λόγους M I b k: οἴκους b.
  • 791φλογῶπας ἡλίου στίβει Hartung: φλ. ἡλιοστιβεῖς (-στείβ- Mac) M I b k: ἥλιος φλ. στιβεῖς b.
  • 792πόντον M b: πόντου I b k.
  • 792περῶσ᾿ ἄφλοισβον Girard: περῶσα φλοῖσβον codd.

Prometheus Bound


Please be willing to give one of these favours to her and the other to me. Tell her about the rest of her wanderings, and tell me about your deliverer: I long to hear that.


Since you are so eager, I will not refuse to tell you everything you ask for. First, Io, I shall tell you about the wanderings on which you will be driven: inscribe them on the memory-tablets of your mind. When you have crossed the stream that parts the two continents, go on towards the fiery rising of the sun, crossing a waveless sea, 93 until you reach the land of the Gorgons, the plain of Cisthene, where the Phorcides 94 dwell, three ancient maidens of swan-like aspect, 95 owning an eye in common and having only a single tooth, whom neither the sun with his rays, nor the moon by night, ever looks upon; 96 and near them their three winged sisters, the snake-tressed Gorgons, haters of humans, whom no mortal can look on and draw another breath. This is what I tell you as a warning to beware; now

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aeschylus-prometheus_bound.2009