στρ. βφέρε, πῶς χάρις ἁ χάρις, ὦ φίλος; 546εἰπέ, ποῦ τις ἀλκά; τίς ἐφαμερίων ἄρηξις; οὐδ᾿ ἐδέρχθης ὀλιγοδρανίαν ἄκικυν ἰσόνειρον, ᾇ τὸ φωτῶν 550ἀλαὸν γένος ἐμπεποδισμένον; οὔποτε τὰν Διὸς ἁρμονίαν θνατῶν παρεξίασι βουλαί.

ἀντ. βἔμαθον τάδε σὰς προσιδοῦσ᾿ ὀλο- ὰς τύχας, Προμηθεῦ· 555τὸ διαμφίδιον δέ μοι μέλος προσέπτα τόδ᾿ ἐκεῖνό θ᾿, ὅτ᾿ ἀμφὶ λουτρὰ καὶ λέχος σὸν ὑμεναίουν ἰότητι γάμων, ὅτε τὰν ὁμοπάτριον 560ἄγαγες Ἡσιόναν πιθὼν δάμαρτα κοινόλεκτρον.


<ἰώ·> τίς γῆ; τί γένος; τίνα φῶ λεύσσειν

  • 545φερέ πῶς Burges: φέρ᾿ ὅπως codd.
  • 545χάρις ἁ χάρις Headlam: χάρις ἄχαρις codd.
  • 558ὁμοπάτριον Lachmann: ὁμοπάτριον ἕδνοις codd.
  • 561<ἰώ·> add. West.

Prometheus Bound

Come, my friend, what favour has this favour done you? 64 Tell me, where do you find any support? What help can there be from creatures of a day? Did you not even consider the helpless, dreamlike feebleness by which the blind race of men is fettered? Never will the schemes of mortals transgress the ordering of Zeus.

I learned this from seeing your wretched fortune, Prometheus; and this song that has flown to my lips is very different from the wedding-song I sang in honour of bath 65 and bed on the occasion of your marriage, when you wooed and won 66 my sister Hesione 67 to be your wife and bedfellow.

Enter io, horned like a cow.

<Ió!> What land, what people are these? Who should I say this is

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aeschylus-prometheus_bound.2009