τὴν Διὸς αὐλὴν εἰσοιχνεῦσιν, διὰ τὴν λίαν φιλότητα βροτῶν. φεῦ φεῦ, τί ποτ᾿ αὖ κινάθισμα κλύω 125πέλας οἰωνῶν; αἰθὴρ δ᾿ ἐλαφραῖς πτερύγων ῥιπαῖς ὑποσυρίζει· πᾶν μοι φοβερὸν τὸ προσέρπον.


στρ. αμηδὲν φοβηθῇς· φιλία γὰρ ἅδε τάξις πτερύγων θοαῖς ἁμίλλαις 130προσέβα τόνδε πάγον, πατρῴας μόγις παρειποῦσα φρένας· κραιπνοφόροι δέ μ᾿ ἔπεμψαν αὖραι. κτύπου γὰρ ἀχὼ χάλυβος διῇξεν ἄντρων μυχόν, ἐκ δ᾿ ἔπληξέ μου τὰν θεμερῶπιν αἰδῶ· 135σύθην δ᾿ ἀπέδιλος ὄχῳ πτερωτῷ.


αἰαῖ αἰαῖ· τῆς πολυτέκνου Τηθύος ἔκγονα τοῦ περὶ πᾶσάν θ᾿ εἱλισσομένου χθόν᾿ ἀκοιμήτῳ ῥεύματι παῖδες

  • 136αἶ (or αἲ) four times x z: three times M I: twice b k.

Prometheus Bound

who enter Zeus’s courts through being too friendly to mortals! Ah, ah, what is this rustling sound of birds that I now hear close by? The air is whistling with the light beating of wings. Whatever approaches me makes me fearful!

Enter the chorus of nymphs, daughters of Oceanus, seated in a winged vehicle or vehicles. 17

Have no fear: this is a friendly company that has come to this rock on swift, striving wings, having with difficulty persuaded our father to consent. The swift breezes have borne and sped me here; for the sound of stroke on steel penetrated to the depths of my cave, and shocked my grave-faced modesty out of me; and I hurried here, unshod, in a winged car.


Ah me, ah me! Offspring of prolific Tethys, 18 children of father Oceanus, who rolls round the whole earth

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aeschylus-prometheus_bound.2009