Aeneas Tacticus, On the Defence of Fortified Positions

LCL 156: 24-25

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Aeneas Tacticus

  • A = Codex Parisinus Graecus 2435, s. xvi; the more careful copy of M.
  • B = Codex Parisinus Graecus 2522, s. xv.
  • C = Codex Parisinus Graecus 2443, a. 1549. M = Codex Laurentianus Graecus LV, 4, s. x.
  • J. Afr. = Excerpts from the Κεστοί of Sextus Julius Africanus, an author of the third century.
Note on Julius Africanus

As a necessary supplement to Aeneas we have included a text and translation of those portions of the Kεστοί of Sextus Julius Africanus which are clearly derived from the treatise before us. In so doing we have been compelled to emend the ms. tradition of Africanus in a much more drastic way than we should consider justified in a critical edition. Schöne, following Hercher’s example, very properly left the ms. tradition as it stood, so as not to disguise any variants which might possibly throw light upon the present state of M. But to translate it is necessary to have a text which makes tolerable sense, which in this case necessitates liberal emendation. As in Aeneas, however, every real departure from the ms. tradition is noted in the apparatus. The references to mss. are taken from Schöne’s edition and represent his selection of the critical materials gathered for a recension of Africanus by Fr Haase and K. K. Müller, with his own collation


Aeneas Tacticus

of the Barberini ms. in the Vatican (see the preface to his edition of Aeneas, ix). We have also made use of the text of the Κεστοί in Thevenot’s edition of the Veteres Mathematici, Paris, 1693, 275–316, with Boivin’s notes, 339–60.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aeneas_tacticus-defence_fortified_positions.1923