Aeneas Tacticus, On the Defence of Fortified Positions

LCL 156: 22-23

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Aeneas Tacticus

No translation of Aeneas has previously appeared in English.

Critical Works

Beside the editions and translations enumerated above, the following monographs have contributed much to the understanding of Aeneas:

  • C. Behrendt: De Aeneae Tactici Commentario poliorcetico Quaestiones selectae Diss., Königsberg, 1910. Behrendt’s commentary as published covers only the first sevens. It is to be hoped that the remainder may soon appear.
  • Fr. Blass: Literarisches Zentralblatt, 1879, 1261 f. Hermann Diels: Die Entdeckung des Alkohols. Abhandl. der Königl. Preuss. Akad. der Wiss., Berlin, 1913, No. 3, 19.
  • Herbert Fischer: Quaestiones Aeneanae. Pars I. Giessen Diss., Dresden, 1914.
  • A. von Gutschmid: Kleine Schriften, vol. iv. 218–21; v. 191 ff.; 214 ff.
  • Fr. Haase: Neue Jahrbücher, xiv. (1835) 93 ff.; xvii. (1836) 206 ff.
  • F. C. Hertlein: Symbolae criticae ad Aeneam Tacticum, Wertheim, 1859.
  • A. Hug: (1) Prolegomena critica ad Aeneae Editionem. Zürich, 1874. (2) Aeneas von Stymphalos, etc. Zürich, 1877. (3) Neue Jahrbücher, cxix. (1879) 241 ff., 639 ff.
  • L. W. Hunter: Aeneas Tacticus and Stichometry Classical Quarterly, vii. (1913) 256–64.
  • A. Kirchhoff: Hermes, i. (1866) 448 ff. and in the preface to Hug’s edition, vii ff

Aeneas Tacticus

  • G. H. Koës: Epistolae Parisienses, ed. Bredow, 1812, 110 ff. (dealing with mss. ABC).
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DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aeneas_tacticus-defence_fortified_positions.1923