Aeneas Tacticus, On the Defence of Fortified Positions

LCL 156: 20-21

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Aeneas Tacticus

  • Is. Casaubonus: Αἰνείου τακτικόν τε καὶ πολιορκητικὸν ὑπόμνημα περὶ τοῦ πῶς χρὴ πολιορκούμενον ἀντέχειν. Paris, 1609. Text, notes, and Latin translation. This is the editio princeps, appended to Casaubon’s edition of Polybius, and the whole republished by Jacob Gronov and by J. A. Ernesti in their editions of Polybius published at Amsterdam in 1670 and at Leipzig in 1763–64, respectively. Gronov later published from M (see below) Supplementa Lacunarum in Aenea Tactico, etc. Leyden, 1675.
  • Jo. Conradus Orellius: Aeneae Tactici Commentarius de toleranda Obsidione, etc. Leipzig, 1818. This edition contains Casaubon’s translation, together with notes of Casaubon, Gronov, Koës, Caspar Orelli, Conrad Orelli, and others. It appeared as a supplement to Schweighäuser’s Polybius.
  • H. Köchly und W. Rüstow: Aeneas von Verteidigung der Städte. Leipzig, 1853. Aeneas occupies a part of vol. i of the editors’ well-known Griechische Kriegsschriftsteller, Griechisch und Deutsche. A supplement in vol. ii. 2, contains readings from B (see above). This edition is particularly valuable because of the introduction, the scholarly translation, the notes, and the illustrative diagrams.
  • R. Hercher: Aeneae Commentarius poliorceticus. Berlin, 1870. Editio maior. An editio minor, later in the same year, corrected a number of errors that appeared in the former edition.
  • A. Hug: Aeneae Commentarius poliorceticus. Leipzig, 1874.

Aeneas Tacticus

  • R. Schöne: Aeneae Tactici de Obsidione toleranda Commentarius. Leipzig, 1911. This admirable work, based upon new collations of M, A, and B (see above) and prepared with the utmost accuracy and acumen, completely supplants all previous editions, and is the basis of the text as printed in this volume. An index verborum (which is in large part actually a concordance), composed with the assistance of Ferdinand Koester, adds materially to the value of the work.1

In addition to the translations, listed above, by Casaubon, and by Köchly and Rüstow, the following should be mentioned:

  • M. le Comte de Beausobre: Commentaires sur la Défense des Places d’Aeneas le Tacticien, avec quelques Notes, etc. Amsterdam, 1757, 2 vols.
  • A. de Rochas d’Aiglun: Traité de Fortification, d’Attaque et de Défense des Places par Philon de Bysance. Paris, 1872. This is vol. vi of series iv of the Mém. de la Soc. d’Emulation du Doubs, 1870–1871 (Besançon, 1872), and contains a translation, with notes, of Aeneas, chapters 8, 16, 21, 22, 24–26, 31–35, 37, 39, 40, in whole or in part. Chapter 31 is taken from the translation of Beausobre. See R. Schöne, Rhein. Mus. lxvii. (1912) 303.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.aeneas_tacticus-defence_fortified_positions.1923