Liber II


Nonius, 165, 21: ‘Redhostit,’ reddit. Accius . . . Didascalicon lib. II—

ut dum brevitatem velint consequi verborum aliter ac sit rellatum redhostiant responsum.


Nonius, 178, 20: ‘Temerius’ . .—

. . . sed Euripidis qui choros temerius in fabulis . . .

Liber VIII


Nonius, 194, 14: Balteus . . . neutro . . . Accius Didascalicon lib. VIII—

actoribus manuleos baltea machaeras.

Varro, L.L., VII, 64: ‘Miraculae’ a miris, id est monstris, a quo Accius ait personas distortis oribus deformis miriones.

  • 9brevitatem v. L v. b. cdd.
  • 10redhostiant r. Hermann redhostire sponsum cdd.
  • 11Euripidis cdd. Euripides Madvig sei Euripidi’ q. c. t. incilabit L
  • 13<et> baltea <et> m. L

Records of the Stage

Book II


Faults of the ‘messengers’ in tragic flays:

Nonius: ‘Redhostit,’ renders. Accius . . . in the second book of Records of the Stage

So that, while they wish to attain Terseness of words, they render a response That differs from the message given them.


Euripides wrong in severing the chorus from the action:

Nonius: ‘Temerius’. . .—

. . . but Euripides’, Whose way of putting in the choruses Into his plays was all too thoughtless . . .



Stage-gear and costume of actors:

Nonius:‘Balteus’. . . in a neuter form . . . Accius in the eighth book of Records of the Stage

sleeves, shoulder-straps, and swords for the actors.

Varro:a ‘Marvelettes’ is a term derived from ‘marvels,’ that is ‘monstrosities,’ whence, according to Accius, is derived the term ‘marvelosities’b applied to masks misshapen by their twisted mouths.

  • aI put this fr. here by conjecture; miraculae were very ugly harlots.
  • bDoubtless applied by Accius to describe some of the comic masks used for female characters (Pollux, IV, 150–154).
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.accius-records_stage_books_stage-records.1936