Accius, Annals

LCL 314: 592-593

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cumque diem celebrant, per agros urbesque per omnes 5exercent epulis laeti famulosque procurant quisque suos; nostrisque itidemst mos traditus illinc iste, ut cum dominis famuli epulentur ibidem.


Priscianus, ap. G.L., II, 254, 6: Quidam . . . veterum et hoc ossu et hoc ossum proferebant . . . Accius . . . in Annalibus—

Fraxinus fissa ferox infensa infinditur ossis.


Nonius, 193, 25: ‘Alvus’ . . . masculino. Accius Annalibus—

ut quam fragilissimus alvus.

Cp. Prisc., ap. G.L., II, 268, 18 (ut . . . alvus); Charis., ap. G.L., I, 81, 2.



To celebrate the day, they hold glad feasts Throughout all towns and all the countryside, And each man waits on his own slaves. Our people Have brought that custom too from over yonder, So that here also slaves feast with their masters.


A sacrifice:

Priscianus: Certain of the old writers inflected forms from nominatives singular neuter ‘ossu’ and ‘ossum’ . . . Accius . . . in the Annals

The proud hostile ash-tree is cleft, split by the bones.a


Nonius: ‘Alvus’ . . . in the masculine gender. Accius in the Annals

like the frailest belly.b

  • aThis fr. is very obscure. Os could mean inner wood, but I cannot fit that in here. Perhaps, is split and dashed in his bones.
  • bOr ‘hive,’ or whatever alvus means here. After giving this quotation, Nonius says: sed alius auctoritatis obscurae: ‘Maia nemus retinens gravido concepit in alvo.’ Priscianus, ap. G.L., II, 163, 5, quotes this as from ‘Accius . . . Annali I.’ Probably Priscianus miscopied Nonius; or else some scribe added a false reference at random.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.accius-annals.1936