Accius, Amatory Poems?

LCL 314: 594-595

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Poemata Amatoria?

Vide Plin. Min., Epist., V, 3.

  • 1venae proscissae Mr. bene proscissas cdd. cossim goerare Mr. (giraro S) cossigerare cdd. † cossi † lerare (lirare) B
  • 2cernere Mr. solvere B dirimere Havet deruere Ald. derevere cdd. bene proscissas (sc. liras) quo signaret ordine | p. b. f. r. eruens coni. Linds.

Words Not Included in the Text

Amatory Poems?

Poems of this kind are alluded to by Pliny the younger. They were probably in the style of Valerius Aedituus, Porcius Licinius, and Quintus Catulus; cf. Gell., XIX, 9, 10 ff.

For Accius’ suggestions about spelling, see pp. xxii—xxiv.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.accius-amatory_poems.1936