Athenaeus, The Learned Banqueters, Volume VIII

LCL 519: xii-xiii

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  • PHILADELPHUS OF PTOLEMAIS, philosopher (1.1d)*
  • PLUTARCH OF ALEXANDRIA, grammarian (e.g. 1.1c–d; 3.83b)
  • PONTIANUS OF NICOMEDIA, philosopher (1.1d; 3.109b)
  • RUFINUS OF NICAEA, physician (1.1f)*
  • ULPIAN OF TYRE, grammarian and also symposiarch (e.g. 1.1d–e; 2.49a)
  • VARUS, grammarian (3.118d)
  • ZOILUS, grammarian (e.g. 1.1d; 7.277c)