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The Characters
  • ATHENAEUS, the narrator; also a guest at the dinner party
  • TIMOCRATES, Athenaeus’ interlocutor
  • AEMILIANUS MAURUS, grammarian (e.g. 3.126b)
  • ALCEIDES OF ALEXANDRIA, musician (1.1f; 4.174b)
  • AMOEBEUS, citharode (14.622d–e)
  • ARRIAN, grammarian (3.113a)
  • CYNULCUS, Cynic philosopher whose given name is Theodorus (e.g. 1.1d; 3.97c)
  • DAPHNUS OF EPHESUS, physician (e.g. 1.1e; 2.51a)
  • DEMOCRITUS OF NICOMEDIA, philosopher (1.1e; 3.83c)
  • DIONYSOCLES, physician (3.96d, 116d)
  • GALEN OF PERGAMUM, physician (e.g. 1.1e–f, 26c)
  • LARENSIUS, Roman official and also host of the party (e.g. 1.2b–3c; 2.50f)
  • LEONIDAS OF ELIS, grammarian (1.1d; 3.96d)
  • MAGNUS (e.g. 3.74c)
  • MASURIUS, jurist, poet, musician (e.g. 1.1c; 14.623e)
  • MYRTILUS OF THESSALY, grammarian (e.g. 3.83a)
  • PALAMEDES THE ELEATIC, lexicographer (9.379a)