Index Of Authors, Texts, And Persons

This index supersedes those at the end of the first seven individual volumes of the new Loeb Athenaeus, which were prepared by different research assistants working under my supervision, and which accordingly vary somewhat in format, coverage, citation style, and the like. Almost every personal name in the index is followed by a brief identifier. Individuals of primarily historical rather than literary interest are further identified, where possible, by reference to one or more of the relevant standard prosopographies. In the case of obscure homonyms, I have generally chosen to split rather than to combine entries, although absolute consistency in this matter—as in many others—is impossible. Fragmentary authors and texts are identified by the modern editor or editors on whose numbering I have relied; for clarity’s sake, I have attempted to follow the individual preferences of such editors in the use of the designations fr., F, and the like. Occasional parentheses around numbers indicate that while the editor of the standard edition of the author or work in question regards this as a legitimate fragment or testimonium, I do not. Lowercase Roman numerals at the beginning of entries refer to page numbers in the introduction in Volume 1 (LCL 204).

Gulick included a separate index of Greek words in the final volume of his Loeb. The ongoing development of digital search tools has made a printed—and thus inevitably selective—Greek index less necessary or useful than one might have been in his day. I have accordingly chosen instead to catalog material less easily accessible via a simple TLG search or the like.