This second volume of the Loeb Classical Library edition of Hesiod contains a selection of the remains of Hesiodic poetry, i.e., those works that were ascribed to Hesiod in antiquity but were most likely not composed by Hesiod himself: The Shield (of Heracles), the Catalogue of Women (or Ehoiai), and various other poems that exist today at best in the form of more or less exiguous fragments. It also contains an index to both volumes. Hesiod’s own poems—the Theogony and the Works and Days—are to be found in the first volume of this edition, together with an introduction and selected testimonia illustrating ancient views of Hesiod’s life and writings.

The second edition of this volume has given me the opportunity to correct some of its errors and infelicities; I thank various friends and colleagues, especially Ettore Cingano, Matthew Fox, Michael O’Brien, Tetsuo Nakatsukasa, and Stefano Vecchiato for bringing these to my attention. I have also now added a section of selected “Addenda Fragmentis” following F306 at the end of this volume (and so too I have added some further testimonia at the end of volume 1); my thanks in particular to Stefano Vecchiato for his help with these additions.

GLENN W. MOST Firenze, December 2017