Chariton, Callirhoe

LCL 481: vi-vii

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The absence of Chariton from the canon of the Loeb Classical Library has always been regrettable, and it was decided many years ago to remedy the omission. Unhappily, economic and other circumstances led to various delays and eventually the plan to include the author was, although never abandoned, for the time being suspended. When it was revived in 1993, the first proposal was simply to revise the edition and translation of W. E. Blake, taking account of new evidence and the considerable critical work that has been done since 1938. I quickly found, however, that far more changes were necessary than would befit a simple revision, and I therefore undertook to produce an entirely new edition and translation.

The need seemed all the greater in that texts of Chariton are few and rather inaccessible; for this reason I have included much information in the introduction, bibliography, and notes that in the case of better served authors would be unnecessary.

This edition has the aim, at once humble and ambitious, of presenting a synthesis of all that the best scholarship has achieved: it is heavily dependent on the editions of D’Orville, Hercher, and Blake; on the brilliancies of individual critics, notably Reiske, Cobet, and Jackson; and on the modern commentators whose works are listed in the bibliography.