Preface To Volumes V And VI

In his preface to volume IV (1931), W. H. S. Jones writes: “This book completes the Loeb translation of Hippocrates,” offering no explanation why the rest of the Collection is to be ignored, unless it is implied in his next sentence: “The work of preparing the volume has taken all my leisure for over five years . . . ”

Whatever Jones’ reasons for stopping may have been, the lack of a complete English translation has been noted and regretted by classicists and historians of medicine alike. A plan to continue the Loeb Hippocrates has now existed in America for several decades, and it is chiefly due to the untiring efforts of Dr. Saul Jarcho and Mr. Richard J. Wolfe that volume V sees the light of day.

The cost of preparing and publishing volumes V and VI has been met by NIH Grant LM 02813 from the National Library of Medicine, and the examination of Hippocratic manuscripts in Florence, Paris, Rome, Venice and Vienna made possible by grants generously provided by the Jason A. Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine.