of several papyri have been supplied to me; due acknowledgement is made below. I have, however, had the good fortune to see and examine P.Bodmer 4 in Cologny and P.Sorbonne 72, 2272 and 2273 in Paris, and I should like to express my gratitude here to the Fondation Bodmer and Professor A. Blanchard. Many institutions and scholars have helped me in various ways with advice, useful information and photocopies of publications that were otherwise unavailable to me. If any name has been omitted in the following list, I trust he or she will accept my apology. My thanks are owed and gratefully given to Dr Annamaria D’Angelo, Professors C. Austin, A. Blanchard, Dr R. W. and Mrs Elaine Brock, Drs D.L. Cairns, R. A. Coles, Professor Christina Dedoussi, Dr. Chr. Förstel, Professors I. Gallo, Chr. Habicht, E.W. Handley,Mr J. G. Howie, Professors A. Hurst, J.-M. Jacques, R. Kassel, L. Koenen, P. von Möllendorff, Dr R. Nünlist, Professor P. J. Parsons, Drs R. Pintaudi, A. P. Romanov, Professor G. Reger,Mr L. Scott, ProfessorW. Stockert, the Accademia di Torino, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the British Academy, the Fondation Bodmer in Cologny, the Fondation Hardt in Vandoeuvres, the National Library of Russia in St Petersburg and the Reial Acadèmia de Barcelona. Above all I should like to express my gratitude to Professors P. Goold, J. Henderson, and F. J. Williams, whose courteous assistance with editing and proof-reading has been invaluable, and to my wife, whose patient tolerance of my devotion to a dramatist of the distant past has been as rewarding as her loving support.

Leeds W. Geoffrey Arnott

February 1999

Supplement to the Bibliographies in Volumes One and Two Catalogue Raisonné of Menander Papyri>

P. Mertens in Serta Leodiensia Secunda (University of Liège 1992) 330–56 is complete up to its date of publication, and includes doubtful as well as certain attributions.

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