The delay in the appearance of this second volume of the Loeb Menander, which is entirely the responsibility of its editor and translator, has nevertheless made possible some substantial benefits. Menandrean papyri have continued to be published in the last sixteen years, and this volume can accordingly include more of Kitharistes and Misoumenos than would have been available earlier, together with new scraps of Leukadia, which illuminate that play’s unusual opening.

The principles followed in the first volume and sketched out in its preface are here continued, but there is one minor adjustment which seems to be advisable. In my translation, on the advice of some reviewers, I now generally avoid the literal translation of oaths and attempt to substitute more modern and idiomatic phrases.

The line-numbering used for Kolax and particularly Misoumenos in previous editions has become unwieldy, and new schemes are adopted here; the one for Misoumenos I have sought to justify in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 110 (1996), 27. It avoids the addition of letters and stars to some of the numbers, and should σὺν θεῷ continue to prove serviceable if in the future further portions of text surface from the Egyptian sands.

The text and apparatus of each play in this volume are based, as before, on a study of good photographs of the papyri