wherever possible. Unpublished photographs of the two Berlin papyri of Misoumenos and of the Oxyrhynchus papyrus of Perinthia have been supplied to me; due acknowledgement is made below. No photograph has ever been published of the papyrus of Koneiazomenai now in Tbilisi; here I have been compelled to rely on the full reports of G. Zereteli and A. Körte; the bibliographical details of its first edition in 1909 are now given fully and correctly for the first time.

I should like to supplement those acknowledgements of help, advice and useful information received from institutions and colleagues which are listed in the preface to the first volume by thanking here the Bodleian Library in Oxford for supplying a photograph of P. Oxyrhynchus 855 of Menander’s Perinthia,Dr Colin Austin for making available to me his photographs of P. Berlin 13281 and 13932 of Misoumenos and for other helpful information, Dr Revell Coles, Dr M. Gronewald, Professor E. W. Handley, Dr Malcolm Heath, Professor G. Paduano and DrW. Stockert for advice, publications and helpful information, and above all Mrs Philippa Goold, whose courteous assistance as subeditor and proof-reader has been invaluable. It is sad that the names of Charles Brink, Konrad Gaiser, Harry Sandbach and Günther Zuntz can no longer be added to the above list; here death has robbed us of both scholarship and true friendship.

Leeds | W.GEOFFREYARNOTT January 1996


Supplement to the Bibliography in Volume One


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