Libanius, Selected Orations, Volume II

LCL 452: vi-vii

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  • Oration 22. To Ellebichus 374
  • Oration 48. To The City Council 420
  • Oration 49. To The Emperor, for the City councils 460
  • Oration 47. on Protection Systems 491
  • Index of Proper Names: A 537
  • Index of Proper Names: B 541


The speeches in this volume are selected from those of the Theodosian age, and arranged in chronological order as far as possible. The choice of material is an individual one, dictated by a combination of considerations of length and relative ease of access to translations and studies elsewhere. Hence most of the orations which deal with matters specifically educational do not appear, and the reader is directed to the studies of P. Wolf and Festugière where translations are already available.

Two works of major importance for the study of Libanius have appeared in the interval since the appearance of Volume I. Of these, Antioch by J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz, takes its place among the standard works on later Roman society, while the first volume of the Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire (cited throughout as PLRE) is an invaluable reference work for the major personalities of the 4th century. This, however, does not entirely supersede the work of Seeck, which remains the chief source of information for the correspondents of Libanius as a whole. It is also assumed that the reader will have access to Jones’ Later Roman Empire for more detailed discussion of the problems canvassed by Libanius. The edition of Libanius, Discours