Plotinus, Ennead, Volume IV

LCL 443: vi-vii

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Preface To Loeb Plotinus IV–V

The text of these volumes, except in a few places, is that of the second volume of the revised editio minor of Henry and Schwyzer, Plotini Opera II Oxford Classical Texts, 1977. The editors, translator, and publishers have agreed that somewhat fuller critical notes should be appended to the Greek text than in the first three volumes of the Loeb Plotinus. These critical notes show clearly all places where the printed text departs from the manuscripts and all places where the text of these volumes differs from that of the Oxford Plotinus (H-S2): as a result of the extensive critical revision of the text of their first edition which the editors undertook in the preparation of the Oxford text, and in which the translator to a modest degree participated (hence the use of the first person plural in the notes where the changes are agreed by all), these latter are very few (26 in the Fourth Ennead, 7 in the Fifth). A number of them are corrections adopted by the editors after the publication of the Oxford Plotinus II and recorded in Addenda et Corrigenda ad Textum et Apparatum Lectionum in III (1982) pp. 304–325.

A word of explanation and apology is due to the reader for the long interval between the publication of the first three volumes and that of these two. The translator’s work was completed (except for