Diodorus Siculus, Library of History, Volume VIII

LCL 422: 1

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Diodorus’s Chronology

The parts of Diodorus’s Library of History which are covered in this volume offer few serious chronological problems. As elsewhere, Diodorus identifies each year by the Attic archon and the Roman consuls, adding the number of the Olympiad every four years. As elsewhere, he tries to complete the narrative of each event at one time, and this often leads him to continue a story beyond the year to which it belongs, or to begin its account later than would be strictly correct. Specific dates as an aid to the reader are here added in footnotes, when they are known.

Consuls’ and archons’ names differ not infrequently from those which are attested otherwise, either in part or in whole, and these latter are supplied in footnotes, the archons from J. Kirchner’s Prosopographia Attica (Vol. 2 (1903), 635) and the consuls from T. R. S. Broughton’s The Magistrates of the Roman Republic (Vol. 1, 1951). The manuscript form of the names is kept in text and translation. For the consuls, it is enough to refer to the study of the problem by G. Perl, Kritische Untersuchungen zu Diodors römischer Jahrzählung (1957). The years covered by this volume, 345 to 323 b.c., offer fewer problems than elsewhere. Since he lacks the so-called dictator years, one of which (333 b.c.) falls within this period, the consuls are dated by Diodorus two or three years later than in the Varronian chronology.