Sidonius, Letters

LCL 420: vi-vii

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Many people will be surprised to see that this second volume of the works of Sidonius, now first appearing in the Loeb series twenty-nine years after the publication of the first in 1936 has, like the first, the authorship of Professor W. B. Anderson, who died in 1959. During the latter part of his life he was working steadily on this his final task—the translation of Books III to IX of Sidonius’ letters. He let us have long ago Book III of these complete, except notes on the subject-matter and on the Latin text, which I added after his death. Books IV to IX still remained in doubt. As the final years came upon him he grew more and more self-distrustful and more and more loath, so it seemed, to produce a complete volume which might be inferior. At last he told me that the translation was nearly finished, but that much was yet to be done. The last time I saw him in his rooms at St. John’s College, Cambridge, I nearly had some of his material for books IV–IX in my hands; but he felt he could not give it to me; and, as I found later, he was justified in his gentle refusal.

After Anderson’s death I secured, through the kindness of the authorities at St. John’s College and of Dr. A. McDonald of Clare College, all the manuscript of Anderson’s work on this second volume of Sidonius. On receiving the manuscript (some parts