Diodorus Siculus, Library of History, Volume XI

LCL 409: xxiv-xxv

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for the minor fragments, the standard sigla for each author are used.

It remains to express my deep gratitude to the many colleagues who have generously given me assistance and advice. Above all, my thanks are due to my good friends and former teachers L. A. Post and A. D. Nock, the one, for services far beyond the call of editorial duty, the other, for his detailed and critical examination of my entire manuscript. Nearly every page owes something to each, and the occasional emendations of the Greek text credited to them represent only a small part of their real contribution. Professor T. R. S. Broughton allowed me to consult him repeatedly on problems of chronology and Roman history, and also read through the entire work, partly in proof and partly in manuscript. Through the courtesy of Professor Albert Wifstrand, who copied out for me his marginalia on these books, it has been possible to improve a number of passages in the text with his unpublished emendations. At my request Dom Anselmo M. Albareda, O.S.B., Prefect of the Vatican Library, kindly examined pages 353–354 of Codex Vaticanus Graecus LXXIII (V); unfortunately not a word could now be deciphered there, even with the help of ultra-violet rays. Others to whom I am indebted for help include Professors Maurice T. Avery, Benedict Einarson, Willy Peremans, H. C. Youtie, and Mr. V. G. Peterson. The Research Council of Florida State University generously provided a grant for assistance in reading proof on this volume. To all these and the many others who are not named I offer my warmest thanks.

Francis R. Walton

Florida State University April 1957

Sigla Eclogae Photianae

A Codex Venetus Marcianus 450, saec. X.

B Codex Parisiensis Regius 1266.

Eclogae Hoeschelianae

H Lost original, represented by the printed texts of Hoeschel (1603) and Rhodoman (1604).

Excerpta Constantiniana

O Consensus of the best copies (or descendants) of the lost Codex Scorialensis I Θ 4. Excerpta de Legationibus.

P Codex Turonensis C 980 (“Peirescianus”), saec. XL Excerpta de Virtutibus et Vitiis.

S Codex Scorialensis Ω I 11, saec. XVI. Excerpta de Insidiis.

V Codex rescriptus Vaticanus Graecus LXXIII, saec. X/XI. Excerpta de Sententiis.