Columella, On Agriculture, Volume III

LCL 408: vi-vii

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  • S = Cod. Sangermanensis Petropolitanus 207 (9th cent.).
  • A = Cod. Ambrosianus L 85 sup. (9th-10th cents.).
  • R = all or consensus of the 15th cent. MSS.
  • a = Cod. Laurentianus plut. 53. 32 (15th cent.).
  • c = Cod. Caesenas Malatestianus plut. 24. 2 (15th cent.).
  • ed. pr. = editio princeps (Jensoniana), Venice, 1472.
  • Aid. = the first Aldine edition, Venice, 1514.
  • Gesn. = J. M. Gesner, Scriptores Rei Rusticae Veteres Latini, Leipzig, 1735.
  • Schneider = J. G. Schneider, Scriptores Rei Rusticae Veteres Latini, Leipzig, 1794.
  • Lundström = V. Lundström, L. Iun. Mod. Columella Lib. I–II, VI–VII, X–XJ, de Arboribus, Upsala-Göteborg, 1897–1940.

Note.—Where the apparatus criticus is based on Lundström’s recension, his siglum R is used as representing the reading of all or the majority of the twenty-five 15th-century MSS. collated by him. A new collation has been made of only the two best 15th-century MSS., for which the sigla a and c are used.