Columella, On Agriculture, Volume II

LCL 407: x-xi

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by the hand of one who is no longer able to speak in defence of his interpretation imposes many a delicate task. Naturally there are numerous passages in the text of Columella, and also in the English version, which I would have handled somewhat differently from the manner in which they were treated by my predecessor if I had been free to shape things de novo. However, this statement applies rather to materials involving the factors of taste and judgment than to those where the essential thought was an issue.

The reader might be reminded of the Bibliography prepared by the late Professor Ash and included in Vol. I of this Library. The works pertaining to Columella that are there cited were obviously made use of by Professor Forster. as they were also utilized by me.

Edward H. Heffner.

  • S = Cod. Sangermanensis Petropolitanus 207 (9th cent.).
  • A = Cod. Ambrosianus L 85 sup. (9th-10th cents.)
  • R = all or consensus of the 15th cent. MSS.
  • a = Cod. Laurentianus plut. 53. 32 (15th cent.).
  • c = Cod. Caesenas Malatestianus plut. 24. 2 (15th cent.).
  • ed. pr. = editio princeps (Jensoniana), Venice, 1472.
  • Ald. = the first Aldine edition, Venice, 1514.
  • Gesn. = J. M. Gesner, Scriptores Rei Rusticae Veteres Latini, Leipzig, 1735.
  • Schneider = J. G. Schneider, Scriptores Rei Rusticae Veteres Latini, Leipzig, 1794.
  • Lundström = V. Lundström, L. Iun. Mod. Columella Lib. I–II, VI–VII, X–XI, de Arboribus, Upsala-Göteborg, 1897–1940.

Note.—In Books VI and VII, where the apparatus criticus is based on Lundström’s recension, his siglum R is used as representing the reading of all or the majority of the twenty-five 15th-century MSS. collated by him. In Books V and VIII a new collation has been made of only the two best 15th-century MSS., for which the sigla a and c are used.