Livy, Julius Obsequens, History of Rome, Volume XIV

LCL 404: vi-vii

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Translator’s Preface

The Periochae, or Summaries, and Obsequens are based for their text on Rossbach (Leipzig, Teubner, 1910). The Oxyrhynchus Summaries have been inserted after the more familiar Summaries of the same Books; the comparison of the two Summaries for such Books as appear in both collections will be found to be of interest. However, a few very scanty fragments from the end of the Oxyrhynchus papyrus will be found by themselves, following the Summary of Book CXLII.

The attempt has been made to give a fairly full report on the text of the traditional Summaries. For the Oxyrhynchus Summaries, the critical notes cover only those additions or corrections to the MS. which seem either to Rossbach or to the present editor to be problematical; the numerous additions made by scholars to the broken text are indicated, but for the names of the scholars to whom these emendations should be credited, the reader is referred to Rossbach.

References in the footnotes to the Summaries are intended to set these scraps of Livy’s history in some amount of context, comprising both the extant primary sources and the historical narratives (including Plutarch’s biographies) which are better preserved